Hi, I'm Trusty.

I will tell the world the incredible story behind your product

Ready to share the story behind your product?

Your product is wonderful, your company is sustainable and you are a really cool guy, I trust you, but... your customer needs to know it!

What I will do for you?

I will provide you a lot of technologies in a simply way in order to tell the story of your product. I will give you all the necessary tools to boost your products and create engagement with the customers. I will give you your space on internet where I will sow to the world the information. We empower your data and your products in a trustworthy way thanks to Blockchain Solutions.


Storytelling to empower your business

World is digital, world is fast, millennials live digital life, and they want to know why your business is different. Customers knows the power of their money and knows that if they choose you, you can grows and create new wonderful products, so they buy experience, they buy vision, they buy mission and then they buy products.


I will interact with


Customer will scan QR-CODE and find the story of the product, find certification information, and can know the story behind a products.


You can in every moments add image, modify the story and push new information in your products. Thanks to Trusty you own your products even when it is in the sales network.


If you are technology expert, supply chain expert, influencers, journalist you can create certified content for a products that business can buy directly from you.

Trusty is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs!

We believe in Meritocracy driven by Beauty, Truth, Love and Justice. We believe that each brands that made a products must follow these ideals, so we made Trusty to help Entrepreneur with no digital skill in order to ride the exponential power of digital products.


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