Buy High Quality & Sustainable Cocoa

Trusty marketplace is your destination to achieve a fully sustainable & ethical sourced cocoa without compromising quality.

The main cocoa supply chains for sustainability and quality

Purchase directly from associations/cooperatives or companies that can guarantee you quality, sustainable cocoa that complies with European regulations. The marketplace allows you to consult cooperatives verified by our team of experts and/or certified by third-party standards.
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Purchase Cocoa with Confidence

Trusty’s data driven approach delivers the transparency you need to ensure integrity and maximize the effectiveness of your ethical sourcing strategy

Quality you can Trust

Purchase confidently through our marketplace. All suppliers have gone through our rigorous due diligence process, have uploaded all the data necessary to comply with EU-normative, and the quality was checked by our Expert Panel.

Impact you can measure

Prove the impact of your ethically sourced cocoa. Trusty Marketplace ensures unparalleled transparency by meticulosly tracking every step of the cocoa journey with our Trusty Trace solution, providing visibility into the impact of your purchase.

Ethical Sourcing is good for our planet and for your business

Our comprehensive solutions integrate the entire cocoa sourcing lifecycle, enabling you to purchase high quality cocoa from verified suppliers while securing a competitive advantage and future-proofing your company.

Secure future demand

Ensure a reliable supply of cocoa to stay ahead as demand intensifies

Ensure living income for your supply-chain

Trusty Marketplace and premium price ensure living income for Cocoa Farmers

Prepare for Regulations

Gain valuable experience with traced cocoa sourcing before regulations come into force, ensuring seamless integration with upcoming policies.

Diverse Procurement Solutions for Ethical Supply Chains

Select from a suite of procurement options crafted to streamline your sustainable sourcing goals with Trusty Marketplace. Our platform simplifies the procurement process, mitigates risk, and carves a direct route to ethical and sustainable sourcing.
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Spot Purchasing

Secure top-grade cocoa directly when your inventory demands it. Our spot purchasing option ensures you have access to sustainably sourced commodities with full traceability at a moment's notice.

Project Investment

Gain privileged entry to rigorously assessed sustainable supply chains. Trusty Marketplace connects you to projects committed to fair trade practices and ecological stewardship.

Long-Term Contracts

Guarantee your future supply of sustainable cocoa with a reliable, long-term procurement strategy. Establish partnerships with vetted farmers and cooperatives for continued excellence.

Integrated Traceability

Leverage our advanced traceability to ensure the integrity of your supply chain. Trusty Marketplace's tracking technology certifies the sustainability claims of your sourced commodities, reinforcing your brand's commitment to ethical sourcing.